The "Boo!" Connection

The  “BOO!”  Connection

Understanding and Mastering

Performance Anxiety


Presented by Beth Freeman, singer, actor, voice teacher and clinical hypnotherapist


Saturday, April 20

1-4 pm

Warren Auditorium

Sonoma State University


The “BOO!” Connection is an informative, fun and highly effective seminar that:


·        Helps re-train the brain based on the up-to-date neurological models and the principles of cognitive therapy with a good dose of humor


·        Debunks myths, misconceptions and stigmas attached to performance anxiety


·        Unmasks and silences our “BOO!” voice that lives to scare us into avoidance and make life as performers miserable


·        Helps to recognize and stop destructive, self-sabotaging thoughts through transformative tools and exercise


·        Implements a safe, effective, hierarchy process that leads to living and performing expansively


“BOO!” who???

Come join us and find out!

For more information, call 707 869-2017

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